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I was excited for Sara & Steve’s Appuldurcombe House wedding for a number of reasons. They were planning a slightly alternative wedding – for instance the bride would be wearing black – and the aesthetics would be great to photograph. The venue was also spectacular. It’s a partially ruined stately home set in lush parkland on the Isle of Wight. The visit for Sara & Steve’s wedding would also be my first proper time on the island, so I took along my partner and daughter to make a nice family weekend of it. I’d definitely recommend the Isle of Wight, if you’re asking! On the day I began by photographing details including Sara’s awesome alternative wedding dress and kick-arse bat shoes. Check them out. I also spent some time with Steve and the boys in the cottage next door to capture what they were up to. The ceremony was held in one of the rooms of Appuldurcombe House, perfectly preserved in a state of charming dereliction. Afterwards guests made their way outside for drinks, confetti and photos. We also went for an explore of the house with Sara & Steve and created some photos of just the two of them along the way. The rest of the day included tear jerking speeches, an incredible vegan buffet, and lots of games, dancing and craft beer! In the evening I thought it’d be a great opportunity to create some cool photos of Sara & Steve in the ruins of the house using a few flashes and gizmos – it was such a great place to shoot it, with a wonderful couple. If you’re planning a wedding, please get in touch!