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Extra photographer

Capture more moments from your day

Want more groom prep?

Add an extra photographer for £75/ph

While I endeavour to capture as many moments as possible, sometimes it can be a benefit to have an extra photographer for part of your wedding day. Perhaps you’d like extra coverage of the Groom’s morning preparations and you’re not getting ready at the same venue, maybe you’d like extra angles throughout your ceremony or it could be that you’re planning a large wedding with over 100 guests. If any of these reasons ring true, then you should consider adding an extra photographer to your package.

You may only need them for a few key hours, depending on which moments are most important to you. I have a wide network of friends and contacts who are also professional wedding photographers, and I will arrange for someone suitable to come along to provide extra coverage of your wedding day. There’s a minimum booking of 3 hours, and the price is capped at £375 if you require them longer than 5 hours.