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What’s your style of photography?

My wedding style is a mix of candid reportage as well as more traditional and formal photography. I worked for magazines and newspapers for over 8 years, so I’m equally comfortable shooting unposed documentary style as images, as well as taking charge to organise relaxed and stylish group shots. Just take a look through my portfolio to see what I mean!

Can we meet before our wedding?

Of course. I prefer to meet at least once before the day itself. We can either have a chat over a coffee or maybe even a pint, you can pop round to mine for cup of tea, or if you don’t live too far away I can visit you at your home. Alternatively, if you book a ‘pre wedding shoot’ we can spend a couple of hours together shooting relaxed, informal images.

Do we need to book a 'pre wedding shoot'?

This is entirely up to you. Lots of couples find it very beneficial, as it demonstrates how we’ll work together on the day, as well as giving you a chance to relax (or show off!) in front of the camera. You’ll also receive a selection of fully processed images via an email download link to use in the build-up to your wedding; perhaps for your save-the-date card or simply to share on Facebook.

How far will you travel?

I have a car and a passport, no wedding has yet proved too far! I mostly work in the UK, but in the past I’ve flown to Ireland, Portugal and France to shoot a wedding. I’ve even photographed a wedding as far away as Mongolia, but that’s another story! If your wedding is more than 2 hours drive from Peterborough, then reasonable overnight costs may be added to the fee. I don’t charge travel expenses for anywhere in the UK mainland.

What equipment do you use?

I use the latest Nikon full frame camera bodies, and a selection of the best zoom and prime lenses. I’ve got a number of flashguns and lights for when it gets dark, and a drone I sometimes use for a birds eye view.

Do we get all of the pictures you take?

You get everything I edit, which is every image that helps tell the story of your day (and isn’t essentially a duplicate). The reason is I shoot at least four pictures for every ‘moment’, and I select and edit the very best of those. On average I shoot around 5000 images each wedding, so you end up with 700 or so, fully edited photos. This is slightly less if you don’t want the morning preparations covered, or slightly more if you decide you’d like to include a second photographer or photobooth.

Can you advise us on group photographs?

Absolutely! This is totally up to you. Some couples prefer to skip them entirely or enjoy a few relaxed and fun ones, while others like lots of formal group shots with all their family and friends. It depends on how much time we have available for how many can be included, as they can become time consuming and disrupt the day if there are too many. I usually advise to keep it to no more than a dozen, but this is something we can discuss in detail. Most couples like to have at least one big group photograph with all of their guests.

How do you edit your pictures?

Everything I shoot is in the RAW format, meaning the images are uncompressed and offer the best possible image quality. Everything needs to be edited by hand in Lightroom, and I manually colour correct each image, as well as applying other adjustments such as contrast, sharpening and lens corrections. I prefer to edit in a bright, classic and colourful style; in a way that I believe won’t look dated in years to come. I tend to offer a mix of colour and black & white, though if you prefer one over the other then do let me know.

How do we receive our pictures?

Everyone receives their photos via a secure online gallery. Once your pictures are ready you’ll get an email with a link and password to your gallery which you can share with family and friends. You can use the gallery to view your photos, download them or even order prints. The gallery remains online for at least 12 months.

How long do we have to wait for our pictures?

I aim to get them to you within four to five weeks of your date. During peak busy times though, it can be slightly longer with it taking around 6 weeks.

Can we make our own prints?

Of course. The pictures are yours. Legally, copyright remains with me but you’re free to make prints, albums, canvases, post online or use them as you wish. I don’t offer a print service myself, but I can recommend a few places online to make your own.

Do you offer any albums?

Yes. I can produce an album for you and only use top quality suppliers. Prices start at £300 for a custom hardback photobook, and increase for larger or more additional options. They take around four weeks to be delivered. You’re also free to create your own albums if you prefer.

What time do you arrive and how long will you stay?

My full day package means I’m with you for around 10 hours, beginning with hair and make up in the morning and winding up 30 minutes or so after the first dance, to capture some of the party action. If you’d like me to stay later – perhaps because you are having fireworks – then it’s possible to extend the package.

Will you visit the venue before the day?

It depends, but not usually. I don’t find it’s particularly beneficial to my photography, as I’m used to thinking on my feet and finding the best locations very quickly. I’ve already worked at lots of the local venues, and I always research the venue online beforehand. I always turn up on the day with plenty of time before the event kicks off to have a little explore anyway to find the best spots for photos.

Do we need to feed you?

You don’t need to, but it helps if you can as I can get a little peckish later on! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, I’ll eat anything and have no dietary requirements. Please let me know if this isn’t possible and I’ll ensure I bring something myself.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have full liability and public indemnity insurance. Just in case. Some venues will ask for a copy of my insurance certificate beforehand: if so, let me know and I can send it to them.

What happens if it rains?

I’ll endeavour to get the very best shots whatever the weather – I don’t mind getting wet! I make sure I’ve got a Plan B in the back of my mind just in case, but if the heavens do open, I always make the best of a situation.

What happens if you are ill?

It’s never happened yet. It would take something rather serious to cause any problems. If the worst did happen, I do have lots of highly qualified contacts who I could call upon to try and find an equal replacement.

How do we book?

All you need to do is get in touch either on the phone, or via the email form on my Contact page, and we can start discussing your day.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

I require a £300 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, which is deducted from the final fee. This is required to reserve your chosen date.

How do we pay?

Just via an online transfer into my account. This remainder of the fee is due no less than two weeks before your wedding day.

Are there any extra costs?

Nope! Only if your venue is so far from me that I need to book overnight accommodation. There’s no hidden or extra charges, and I won’t try to sell you any prints or products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to lots of questions many couples want to know about my wedding photography. I can explain in much more detail about anything you’re unsure of when we meet up to discuss the plans for your day.

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